Work Hard, Play Hard, Wear A Bungee Belt!

In the beginning, the men and women that created the Bungee Belt had one goal in mind, to design a product that’s just as tough and dependable as those who will wear it.

With 10 years of experience in cargo control products, our team put in the work, creating various versions of the Bungee Belt making sure the combo of materials and the design will fit YOU just right! Our hands-on approach gave us direct control of the design process, allowing us to design a belt that looks good, functions great, and gives support in all the right places.

Keep Your Pants On! Get a Bungee Belt!


Our job continues even after a Bungee Belt comes off the manufacturing line! The Bungee Belt has four core pieces which include; two extra-wide flat bungee cords made from polypropylene yarn and rubber, a quick-release clip that is used to attach the bungees together, and two aluminum carabiners that attach to the belt loops found at your hips. Each component is an essential piece of the Bungee belt and is carefully considered by our team here at Davison to give you maximum performance and comfort each time you wear it.

We Work Hard So You Can Too!

We love the Bungee Belt and we know you will too, but we can’t stop there! We are constantly evaluating our product and process searching for new ways we can improve the comfort of the men and women that work and/or play hard! So the next time you plan on putting in some hard work, remember, you can wear your Bungee Belt anytime and in any environment!

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